Once the spreadsheet was completed, the general consensus was that this needed to be put into App and get it out to market. The process is complete, and  the App is now available for Android and Apple smartphones and tablets.

The goal is not to get rich, but get a great calculator out at a great price, and let the other accountants be done as they walk off the 18th green. N

If you are not the accountant in the group, now you can be. Or at a minimum, you can check the accountant’s work!

Hope you download and enjoy the App. If you have ideas for future bets to be included, let me know.

-Golf Accountant

Let's Keep it Simple

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As the designated accountant in my golf outings, I was responsible for deciphering illegible scorecards with circles, dots, stars, squares and pitiful penmanship that would challenge CIA codebreakers.

At the end of the day, there were so many bets to tally and calculate that it would take me hours to complete while my buddies were emptying the margarita bucket and sitting in the jacuzzi.

I figured there had to be a better way, and began building a spreadsheet that would quickly and accurately calculate each individual player’s Win/Loss amount. Over the past few years, the spreadsheet grew as bets and complexity were added. The goal was to get a spreadsheet that calculated every bet automatically, as quickly as you enter the scores.

The spreadsheet affectionately became known as MOASS, or the Mother of All Spreadsheets.