Bets Included With Golf Accountant

The Basics

Leaving a bet wager at zero will remove that wager from the individual Win/Loss results page. You can play any or all of the bets, at any wager greater than zero.

As the players scores are entered for each hole, you will also be given the opportunity to enter each players number of Dots, Snakes, or Bingo Bango Bongo. As the scores are entered for each hole, the results tab will display each players Win/Loss status and the amount of Win/Loss attributable to each underlying bet.

For ease of use, common foursomes and bets can be saved to avoid entering names and wagers.​

  • Snakes

  • Vegas

  • Bingo Bango Bongo

How To Use The App

The Golf Accountant App is simple to use. Simply enter the number of golfers (2-4), and then their names. The Golf Accountant will then give you the opportunity to enter the wager amounts for the bets specified

  • Nassau

  • Nassau Press

  • Skins (per player amount)

  • Dots (Junk)

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